An (almost) Mid-Summer Update

Parkland Improvements

Our parkland enthusiasts have been busy making the area around the pool prettier. Thanks to Lee, Jen, Conny and Ben and everyone else who helped.


Tennis Court Lights

The tennis court lights on the east side have been broken for a while. One was hit by a tree and the other had electrical problems. Both of these issues have now been fixed and we’re good for late night play again.

PS: If anyone is looking for a way to help, the inside of the tennis courts needs weeding 🙂

Pool Pump (Vacuum)

Those of you who use the pool have probably noticed that the vacuum hasn’t been working well. We have a build up of sand and other grit in the bottom that the skimmers don’t get.

There was a concern that the problem may be a ruptured pipes between the pool and the pumps. We had the pipes scoped recently and they are intact. This is good since fixing the pipes would be expensive. Unfortunately, it means that we need to replace at least one of the pumps. We’re working to get this scheduled now.


As you may recall, we had a surprise last summer when the city removed the bridge between the tennis courts and the condos. We worked with the city over the winter and made good progress towards a replacement bridge but unfortunately the quotes came in much higher than the city expected and this has caused a delay. We are continuing to work with the city but we cannot provide an estimated date for the bridge replacement at this time.

Swimming and Tennis Lessons

If you are interested in swimming or tennis lessons, there is still time to sign up. Please see the staff at the pool for sign-up sheets and schedule information.

Association Fees

Those of you who already sent in cheques may have noticed that we haven’t deposited them yet. Sorry for the delay. We are in the process of changing banks and this should be complete very soon.

Also, don’t forget that fees are due Aug 1st.

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