Pool Opens Friday June 26th at 4PM


  • Rest of June: 4-8PM weekdays and 12-8PM weekends
  • July 1st and after: 12-8PM. First hour is adult lane swim.

Covid Pool Rules

  1. If you feel sick, please don’t come to the pool.
  2. Maximum 10 swimmers at a time (follows public health recommendation of 25% occupancy). Thirty-minute swim time, if there is a lineup.
  3. A lifeguard will sign in each person, including a telephone number. Physical distancing is under parental supervision. Guards can ask someone to leave for the rest of the day if they are not following the rules.
  4. Bathrooms are for hand-washing and emergency use only. No showers. Please shower at home before coming to the pool. The second washroom will be reserved for the guards.
  5. Enter through the gate and sanitize hands (non-swimmers as well). Parents will then take any younger children they don’t want using sanitizer directly into the washroom to wash their hands.
  6. No pool toys will be offered by the CHA. Kids can bring their own small toys and noodles. Large inflatables are not allowed.
  7. No deck chairs will be available. Parents may bring their own chairs.
  8. Guests must bring their own masks and life jackets as desired.
  9. No tuck shop until further notice.
  10. No outside food. You may use your personal reusable containers for drinks.
  11. Only immediate family at this time. Please note that this includes grandchildren and grandparents.

There will be no swimming or tennis lessons at this time. We will re-evaluate in the coming weeks.

Quick Pool Update

The pool has passed the inspection. We have a few more Covid related procedures to define but we expect we will open well before the original target of July 1st.

At this point, the status of swimming lessons is still to be determined.

A Quick Update

CHA Members,

We wanted to connect with our membership, given the current restrictions in place during this pandemic. We know many people are wondering about the pool…we all are.

We hope to open the pool quickly once the Ontario government and local public health guidelines allow us to do so (the Ontario state of emergency has been extended).


Everyone’s safety is our number one priority and we want to acknowledge that many of the sacrifices we are currently making are not easy, but necessary. We often hear updates when everyone else does so please understand that once we hear the updates we do need time to figure out what that means for us, how that will look for us, and validate our next steps through the proper channels. At present, the earliest we can open the pool is July 1.

Behind the scenes we are working on the improvements mentioned in the AGM report and making sure we have everything ready, so when we do receive the word to open, we can do so in a safe and responsible manner.

We successfully opened our tennis courts (and pickleball courts) shortly after the government allowed us to do so.  While using the courts please remember to follow the appropriate guidelines. Provincial orders require that individuals using these amenities, except for members of the same household, are to maintain a physical distance of at least two metres or six feet. Public Health continues to encourage members of the public to complete a self assessment (if you are not feeling well please do not use the facilities), follow good personal hygiene and regularly wash and/or sanitize their hands.


Here are some highlights of what has already taken place this season:

  • New Pickleball lines and nets.
  • Maintenance at the pool house has been started.
  • Work on the grounds around the pool.

We are very fortunate to live in such a great neighbourhood and please be patient and kind with your neighbours, we are all in this together.

If you are looking for ways to help, we can always use a hand weeding both inside and outside the tennis court fence as well as the garden areas.


CHA Board