News and Events

Upcoming Events

  •  Jr. Swim Meet – Thursday August 9 (tomorrow)
    • 2PM to 5:30PM
    • Ages 4-8
    • The Lifeguards are walking over at 1:15
    • Location: Upper Beechwood 2
  • Kids Halloween Night – Tuesday August 14
    • 6-8PM
    • Costumes encouraged
    • We will build a craft goodie bag and go trick-or-treating
  • Adult Social – Thursday August 16
    • 9PM-10PM
    • Pool will be open and lit
  • Kids Glow in the Dark Night – Tuesday August 28
    • 6-8PM
    • Come for crafts and pizza!

Things You Can Help With

If you can spare a bit of time, we could use a hand with weeding inside and outside the Tennis courts and around the pool. A few of us have made some progress but it would be great to get it all done.

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